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The G1E Plus system is the natural successor to the popular G1E which it now supercedes. As the name implies, the new G1E "Plus" system offers additional hardware and feature options.

As a local Samsung dealer in the Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Wide Bay, Fraser Coast region, we can provide the right system that suits your environment and requirements.

Samsung provides office telephone systems with a difference

An efficiently operating phone system is vital in the success of a business, both externally and internally. The OfficeServ 7100 is an addition to Samsung Communications series of ‘convergence telecommunications solutions’ products. Perfect for small businesses, the OfficeServ 7100 is an impressive set up worth the consideration for any small office looking to bring their telephony systems into the twenty first century.

The OfficeServ 7100 is a VoIP rack mount device, designed for customisations – both initially and later as your requirements grow. The basic cabinet supports three slots, one of which carries a dedicated Processor card running a Linux OS. Software and messages for these office phone systems are stored on an SD card, which allows for staff to quickly replace or update in a moment, or make smaller adjustments on a Web interface, either through LAN or the Internet. Depending on the type of device attached, there is support for four to 56 stations for ports if the individual business requires.

The OfficeServ 7100 supports IP telephony, SIP Trunks and SIP Extensions, standard PSTN telephony, which is supported in digital and analogue forms, and the capacity to handle e-mail and soft phone connections and wireless services. Support for PoE (power over Ethernet) also allows for reduced cable-clutter and confusion in the office.

Samsung OfficeServ series handsets are stylish and functional, with well-spaced buttons and adjustable display angles that can be set according to the user’s preferences. The SMT IP handsets offer award winning design with large flexible displays, including a colour display on the SMT-5243 model. The voice quality is excellent, with wireless phones linking to the server via an access point supporting both 802.11a and 802.11b/g wireless networking.

Call handling options are extensive on the OfficeServ 7100, the flexible user groups allow calls, messages and configuration options to be directed to particular sets of telephones in the office. These groups can overlap and can be assigned to one of nine administrative levels, each with its own password protection. On top of transfers and voice messaging, there is also the capacity to send e-mail notifications of calls and voice recordings (WAV files). This office telephone system also comes with the ability to track calls that have gone unanswered, and staff can use a PC-based interface to record and track their personal call history.

With an option for an extended 3 year product warranty, the Samsung OfficeServ 7100 is well worth the consideration for any small office or branch office looking for an efficient and effective office telephone system. Samsung has designed the OfficeServ 7100 with expansion in mind, so the OfficeServ can grow with your business.


Ideal for up to 56 extensions

The agility and responsiveness of small businesses is a major competitive advantage. However, technology and professional support tools that enable people to communicate and collaborate efficiently are often priced beyond what is cost-effective and viable for smaller companies. But now, even the smallest business can afford the same sophisticated communications technology normally only enjoyed by large companies – configured to suit small company productivity, flexibility and budget requirements.

Simplicity and Sophistication

As part of Samsung’s OfficeServ 7000 range of next generation IP solutions, the OfficeServ 7100 Converged Communications Server has exactly the same pedigree, same features and same handsets, but is specifically designed for small businesses that need a sophisticated communications solution that’s also simple to implement and manage.

The OfficeServ 7100’s all-in-one, compact design has been engineered to deliver a highly affordable, easy-to-use and secure IP platform for fully integrated voice, data and wireless communication. With the support of a full set of advanced features and sophisticated applications, such as Voicemail and Auto Attendant, the OfficeServ 7100 also enhances staff performance and delivers substantial cost savings.

Leading the way

Compared to many other solutions, OfficeServ 7100 offers small businesses an unrivalled level of functionality:

  • Sophisticated, low cost voice mail with e-mail integration
  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) and Call Sequencing
  • Cost effective IP trunks / SIP connectivity
  • Easy to deploy IP extensions for remote workers
  • WiFi for wireless voice and data
  • Applications for seamless PC and telephony integration (CTI)



System Features OfficeServ 7100
PSTN Analogue Lines (max) 24
ISDN Basic Rate Digital Lines (equiv. channels) 6 (12)
ISDN Primary Rate Digital Lines (equiv. channels) 1 (30)
Total Extensions 60
Digital Stations 36
IP Stations +WIP 56
Analogue Stations 32
Data Extensions (ISDN 128kbits) 12
Music Sources  
Internal 1
External 1
WIP Base Stations (SMT - R2000) 8
WIP Handsets 56
Network YES
Digital Voicemail YES
Direct Indial Numbers 999
Calling Line Identification (CLI)  
Trunk Groups 11
Stations Groups 20
ACD Groups 10
Pick up Groups 20
Account Codes 999
Authorisation Codes 500
CLIP Numbers (translation table) 1000
CLIP Review Blocks 1000
Auto Attendant  
Channels 4
Least Cost Routing YES
Total Speed Dial Locations 2000
System speed dialling 950
Station speed dialling (max per station) 50
External Page Zones 4
Internal Page Zones 5
SIO Ports 0+LAN
Remote Programming / Support YES
LAN Ports 1
Virtual Extensions  
SLT 60
Digital 60
S.I.P Extensions  
Standard 56
Trunks 64
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