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Our Range of phone systems will suit any business from the small office to the large corporate enterprise.

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Important News : Telephone Systems and the NBN

With the roll-out of the NBN in many areas, recent feedback from customers in those areas has indicated that some Telephony Service Providers and/or their representatives are providing incorrect information to customers about their options with regard to NBN connection.
An example of this misinformation is "Your telephone system is incompatible with the NBN and must be replaced".
Then the offer of a "compatible" system, or service, may be made, with costs, contracts, etc. Note: loss of existing system features may occur.

In almost all cases existing telephone systems can be connected to the NBN ! Some may require ancillary equipment to do so. Some - like current Hybrex equipment - may be NBN ready, or easily made so, right now. For some more detailed information see here : NBN solutions

However the story doesn't end there ... in addition to Telephony providers there are also Scammers attempting to prey on the uninformed.
The ACCC has recognized this and issued a public warning - see here : ACCC : Beware of NBN Scams .

Hybrex Systems are Extensively Featured, Affordable, NBN Ready Communication Solutions.



Samsung OS7030


Offers small businesses (requiring about 1 to 20 extensions) an unrivalled level of features and functional flexibility, without the high price tag. The OfficeServ 7030 can be configured with a full range of analog trunks and extensions, digital trunks and extensions, IP devices, wireless, standard SIP in multiple combinations.


Samsung OS7100

The OfficeServ 7100 is designed specifically for the small to medium sized company, supporting up to 56 extensions and a maximum of 30 trunk lines with either analogue ,digital or IP (SIP) connections. It is highly configurable and can be tailored to your individual requirements. At the same time the OfficeServ 7100 can be upgraded easily and expanded as business needs change.



Aristel Nova & Supernova AV Series Phone System

Nova and SuperNova AV Series phone system from Aristel are designed to meet the needs of today's cost-conscious businesses demanding value for money in a technically advanced phone system. Both combine user-friendly design with convenient features for the ultimate easy-to-use business phone system.

Both series feature full hands-free operation, a large, tilt-able LCD Display, a Handy inbuilt calculator, line indicators that change colour according to call status, one-touch call hold and transfer, off hook ring, message wait light, account coding and even remote door unlocking.

Select the handsets that suit your needs. The 20 Button Nova is ideal for most businesses, while the SuperNova features 25 buttons and an illuminated display. All AV Systems come with inbuilt Caller ID.

Aristel Nova & Supernova AV Series Phone System

Flexibility is inbuilt in every system

Your choice of handsets can be added as your business grows. Nova systems can be expanded to a maximum of up to 40 lines and 256 ports. Nova and SuperNova handsets are compatible with all Omni UF and Aristel AV Systems and offer a cost-efficient upgrade option to older handsets.

Choose the AV Series Phone System that best matches your needs

Standard 2 Lines (Maximum 4) - PSTN Only
Standard 8 Trunks (Maximum 16) Note: Extensions can be any SLT compatible handset or Cordless



AV 20 Series

Standard 2 Lines (Maximum 4) - PSTN Only
Standard 8 Extensions (Maximum 16) Note: Extensions can be either Key-phones, Standard Telephones, or Cordless


AV 38 Series

Standard 4 Lines (Maximum 12) - PSTN or ISDN 2
Standard 8 Extensions (Maximum 26) Note: Extensions can be either Key-phones, Standard Telephones or Cordless


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